Peloton Equity launched in 2014 after the team from Ferrer Freeman & Company (FFC) spent more than 15 years honing a value creation strategy for growth capital investing in the healthcare industry.

The name Peloton represents the firm’s vision: We seek to invest in unique healthcare companies and partner with their management teams to achieve accelerated growth and value creation.


Pioneers In Healthcare Private Equity Investing


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healthcare portfolio company investments


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healthcare portfolio exits, including 5 IPOs

Our Approach

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Peloton recognizes that U.S. healthcare is a $3+ trillion industry that is highly fragmented, complex, and growing at an unsustainable rate. Payment transformation, consumerism, improved therapies and diagnostics, technology integration, and other mega trends impact every stakeholder in healthcare. We believe the industry’s transformation will be led by lower middle market growth companies.

support growth

Having invested in many major subsectors of the healthcare industry, Peloton understands how the evolution of the market and its innate complexities affect businesses. Our competitive advantage is the ability to partner with companies on bold growth objectives and add value in areas where the industry is most challenged, including talent availability, strategic credibility, information technology strategy, and scaling.

deploy network

Built over decades investing in healthcare, Peloton has a deep and growing network that we leverage to support our portfolio companies, source proprietary deals, and generate and test investment themes.  Peloton’s CEO Summit, an annual event bringing together 40+ CEOs and other industry experts, allows the team to expand the network while tackling topics relevant to Peloton and its portfolio companies.


We partner with companies that have established several of the following:


Proven business model

Market adoption, typically represented by $20 - 200 million in revenue and/or $(5) - 10 million of EBITDA at investment.


significant growth potential

Well‐positioned for transformational revenue and profit growth (3-5x over the life of the investment).


Market-tested value proposition

Products and/or services that bring efficiency to the system, provide higher quality care, and/or lower overall healthcare costs.


Talented CEO & management team

Results‐oriented culture with accomplished and experienced management.


Potential for meaningful value add

The Peloton team has successfully invested in similar businesses and/or has access to resources that can help the company achieve its growth objectives.


Peloton partners with management teams to establish the infrastructure necessary to scale and helps identify and optimize the strategies to achieve sustainable and strategic revenue growth. We have developed a value creation playbook informed by our decades of investing growth capital in the lower middle market. We believe that at the stage where we invest, underwriting investments based on portfolio company revenue growth is the most repeatable way to achieve an attractive return on invested equity capital.

While each company and situation is different, we believe the below value creation playbook provides a repeatable path for creating long-term growth.

*For All Peloton team investments, including active investments as of 12/31/18

Establish the foundation

  • Refine the strategic vision and organizational structure

  • Optimize the business model

  • Build out the management team and board of directors

  • Professionalize governance and add processes for risk and reporting

  • Implement analytics

Aggressively scale

  • Accelerate and expand the growth model

  • Pursue accretive M&A

  • Build brand with strategic partnerships and relationships

  • Integrate and enhance the technology strategy



We build segment leaders in healthcare

Peloton utilizes its growth company-building skills, network, operating partners, and other executive resources to transform lower middle market healthcare companies into segment leaders.

Peloton Equity investments include:

ACTIVE  Provider of cold chain packaging and logistics to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.


Provider of cold chain packaging and logistics to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries.


The members of Peloton’s investment team have pursued and consummated investments on behalf of Ferrer Freeman & Company:


Our Team

Peloton’s investment team brings over 80 years of combined healthcare industry experience and over 60 years of combined healthcare private equity investing experience. Peloton’s founding partners have worked together for nearly 20 years, beginning at FFC, a firm that was among the pioneers in providing growth capital to healthcare companies. It is from this experience that Peloton draws its expertise in building market-leading, strategically valuable healthcare companies.


Operating Partners


Advisory Board

Latest News



We are looking for innovative healthcare companies with $20 to $200 million of revenue and/or $(5) to $10 million of EBITDA. Contact us to find out how your vision can become our shared reality.

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